Sharing an externally-hosted form across multiple campaigns

You can share an Oracle Eloqua integrated form, hosted on your external website, across multiple Oracle Eloqua campaigns. Reusing general forms, where applicable, helps to quickly generate responses across one or more campaigns.

To share an externally-hosted form across multiple Oracle Eloqua campaigns:

  1. Navigate to Orchestration An image of the Orchestration icon., then click Campaigns.
  2. Create or open an existing campaign.
  3. Double-click Form under Assets in the left menu. A new form element appears on the campaign canvas.
  4. Right-click the new element, then click Configure.
  5. Click the drop-down menu (or the folder icon) to find the landing page containing the desired form.
  6. Click Save.

    An image of the Form element.

  7. Copy the campaign id value from the URL (in this example, 19) while in the Oracle Eloqua Campaign Canvas.

    An image of a campaign ID value in a URL.

    Note: Save your campaign before copying the campaign ID from the URL. This number must be a positive integer.

  8. Go into the HTML source code of your external website where the Oracle Eloqua integrated form is hosted, and include the hidden HTML form field as shown below.

    <input name="elqCampaignId" type="hidden" value"19">

  9. Activate your campaign.

Your externally-hosted form is integrated into your campaign. Repeat this process for each form on your website and for each Oracle Eloqua campaign using the form. The campaign ID ensures that a form submission on campaign A will be associated only with campaign A, and not with campaign B, campaign C, and so on.

Note: If your campaigns are integrated with, then make sure that the SFDC campaign ID has been populated in the campaign canvas settings > CRM campaign ID before activating the campaign.

An image of the CRM Campaign ID field.

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