Insight actions

Actions provide functionality to navigate to related content. In Insight, you can add actions to an analyses or dashboard pages.

Note: Only analyzers can create actions. Insight supports actions that navigate to related content, such as another analysis, or a specified URL. These types of actions cannot be added to agents. Other types of actions supported by Oracle BI EE are not currently supported by Insight.

Actions can be executed:

  • Explicitly by Insight users who click action links that are embedded within:
    • Analyses on column headings, column values, and hierarchy level values, in certain views, such as graphs, and on totals and grand totals within tables and pivot tables
    • Dashboard pages
  • Directly from the catalog

Analyzers can create a named action or an inline action:

  • A named action is an action that you define and then saved to a folder so that you can reuse it. You can also reuse a named action as a template to create another named action.
  • An inline action is an action that you define at the point of use and do not save by name in the catalog. Instead, it is saved as part of the analysis or dashboard page.

For more information on creating actions or adding actions to an analysis or dashboard, refer to the Oracle BI EE documentation.


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