Exporting picklist values to a CSV file

You can download values from a picklist into a local CSV file.

To export values from a picklist to a CSV file:

  1. Click Settings An image of the Settings menu icon, which is represented by a black cog..
  2. Click Manage Picklists in the Database Setup area.
  3. Open an existing picklist, or create a new one.
  4. Click the Picklist drop-down menu in the upper-right corner, then click Export Picklist To CSV.

    An image of the PickList drop-down menu with Export Picklist To CSV highlighted.

    A download prompt for the CSV file appears.

    An image of a download prompt.

  5. Select whether to open the file immediately, or to save the file to a specific location.

You now have a local copy of the picklist with values appropriately separated in an Option Value column and an Option Name column, respectively.

An image of a local copy of a picklist.

You can edit the file by adding, removing, or editing values, then re-upload the file into picklists as needed.