Adding a Profiler link to Oracle CX Sales

Important: Oracle CX Sales was formerly known as Oracle Sales Cloud. All instances of Oracle Sales Cloud have been changed to Oracle CX Sales across the app user interface.

There are two main steps that you must follow to add a Profiler link to your Oracle CX Sales (formerly Oracle Sales Cloud) account:

  1. Create a Profiler link
  2. Add the link to a layout

Step 1: Creating a Profiler link.

To create a Profiler link:

  1. Log in with your Administrator credentials.
  2. Click the Navigator icon, then under Configuration click Application Composer.
  3. In the left-side pane, select Marketing from the Application drop-down list.
  4. In the left-side pane under Objects, expand Standard Objects > Sales Lead > Sales Lead Contacts, then select Actions and Links .
  5. Click Create An image of the Create icon to create a link, then enter the following information:
    • Display Label: Profiler
    • Name: Eloqua_Profiler
    • Type: Select Link
    • URL Definition: Enter one of the following URLs:


      def URL="" + nvl(PrimaryEmailAddress,"")


      def URL="<Login Prefix>&Url=/apps/embed/salesTools/profiler?emailAddress=" + nvl(PrimaryEmailAddress,"")


      def URL="<Login Prefix>&ReturnUrl=/apps/embed/salesTools/profiler?emailAddress=" + nvl(PrimaryEmailAddress,"")

      An image of the Create Action or Link page for Sales Lead Contacts

      Replace {Login_Prefix} with your four-character Eloqua login prefix code, such as ELQA. You can alternatively use SiteId={site_ID} with your Eloqua site ID, which is a numeric code. To find your login prefix or your site ID, navigate to Settings > Display Preferences > Company Defaults. You can also choose to ignore this parameter and it will attempt to log you in using the first Eloqua saved credential it finds.

  6. Click Validate An image of the Validate icon in the URL Definition toolbar to validate the script.
  7. Click Save.

Step 2: Adding the Profiler link to layouts

To add the Profiler link to a layout:

  1. In Application Composer left-side menu, navigate to Standard Objects > Sales Lead, then click Pages.
  2. Under Simplified Pages, locate the Details Page Layouts section, then click on the name of the layout to which you want to add the link.
  3. In the Subtabs Region section, open the Contacts An image of the Contacts tab tab.
  4. Click Edit An image of the Edit icon next to Contacts.
  5. Under the Available Fields column, select the Profiler link that you created then click An image of the Move icon to move the link to the Selected Fields column.
  6. Adjust the link's location in the Selected Fields list using the up and down arrows next to the list, then click Save and Close.

When you open to a customer you will see the Profiler link.

An image of the Profiler link

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