Embedding Profiler in OKTA with SSO

This guide explains how to seamlessly configure and access Profiler through OKTA.


The high level configuration steps are as follows:

  1. Configure Profiler in OKTA with SSO
  2. Accessing Eloqua Sales as OKTA apps

Step 1: Configuring Profiler in OKTA with SSO

Profiler is an app you can access via a URL from any location. It could be launched standalone in a browser but is most commonly are embedded inside a CRM system. Once configured, you need to update Profiler to work with OKTA so that access is seamless.

To configure SSO with OKTA into Profiler:

  1. Enter the following URL:

    https://login.eloqua.com/auth/saml2/autologin?CheckFrame=false&LoginPrefix=<Login Prefix>&ReturnUrl=/apps/salesTools/profiler

Note: Replace LoginPrefix=<LoginPrefix> where prefix is a 4 character identifying code like 'ELQA'. You can alternatively use <siteID> with your site ID - a numeric code, like '33' (it may be much longer). If you do not know what your prefix is, log a Service Request ("SR") via My Oracle Support (support.oracle.com). You can also choose to ignore this parameter and it will attempt to log you in using the first Eloqua saved credential it finds. Replace <IDPid> with the IDP unique ID from your SSO setup.

Note: To find your IDP unique ID in Eloqua, navigate back to the Identity Management Provider interface. Right-click on the name of the Identity Provider you set up for OKTA and click Open Link in New Tab.

An image of a shortcut menu with Open Link in new Tab highlighted.

On the new browser tab, look at the URL and copy the ID that appears after "....Display/".

An image of a URL with the ID highlighted.

Once you have this properly formatted URL, as long as a user has an OKTA session active in their browser, the URL can be accessed from any location on the internet and it will allow seamless access to Profiler.

Step 2: Accessing Profiler as an OKTA app

To allow users direct access to Profiler from apps in OKTA:

  1. Repeat the SSO Configuration section above to create a new SAML2 template for Eloqua Profiler.
  2. While creating the SAML2 template, add the following to the Default Relay State field:


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