Exporting program entry, exit, or pending members reports

Note: You must have the View Operational Reports action permission to access operational reports.

You can export the Program Entry, Program Exit, and Program Pending Members reports directly from a program. These reports detail how and when contacts entered or exited your program, and those who are pending. Learn more about different operational reports for programs.

To export a program entry, exit, or pending members report:

  1. Navigate to Orchestration An image of the Orchestration icon., then click Programs.
  2. Open the program you want to report on.
  3. Click An image of the Reports icon. Operational Reportson the right side.
  4. Choose the report. Program Entry Report, Program Exit Report, and Program Pending Members Reports can be exported.
  5. Choose a date range from the Evaluation period drop-down, then click Refresh.
  6. Click Export.
    An image of the Export Report dialog box.
  7. Configure the export window and click Export.
  8. A link to download the export data will be sent to the specified email address. The export is available from that link for 14 days.

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