Asset security

In Eloqua there are several different types of assets. For administrators, controlling access to these assets can be critical to meeting business requirements and ensuring users operate with effective guardrails in place.

To control access to assets, Eloqua has a standard security framework that behaves the same across all assets. Users and groups can be granted view, edit, delete, and set security permissions for specific assets.

An image of the Asset Permissions window.

Asset Permission Description
View Asset is searchable and usable. Configuration can be viewed but no changes made. For assets that contain data such as Custom Data Objects, data inside the asset can be viewed, but not modified.
Edit All capabilities of View rights but user can make any change to the asset configuration. The only things the user cannot do are delete the asset and change the security settings for the asset.
Delete All capabilities of Edit rights, but user can delete assets.
Set Security All of the permissions of View, Edit, and Delete, plus the ability to change the asset permissions, controlling what other users can do with the asset.

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