Interface access

The Interface Access page provides a method with which to control access to specific areas of the Oracle Eloqua interface. Without interface access rights, an area of the interface will be hidden from the security group when navigating through the application. An interface is essentially a page within Oracle Eloqua. After you configure interface access, you use action permissions to configure what users can do with a given interface.

The interface access tree is organized in a hierarchy that matches the navigation of Oracle Eloqua. You select the interfaces that you want a security group to have access to. A green check mark indicates that all interface areas within the branch are selected, while a solid green box indicates that only some of the interfaces within the branch are selected.

An image of the Interface Access page.

Note: Enabling an asset in this section does not necessarily mean the user can create, modify, or delete such an asset; that capability is specified in Asset Creation.


Setting action permissions

Assigning asset creation rights