The purpose of Licensing is to give administrators control over users' access to products, providing controlled usage at the product level. Licensing determines what products a user has access to.

It is recommended that you manage licenses using Security Groups. If necessary, you can enable licenses for individual users.

License types

The following licenses are available:

  • Eloqua Marketing Platform: Provides access to the core platform. This will be the most common user license needed. If a user does not have this license and logs in, they will only have access to their user profile.
  • Eloqua Engage: Provides access to Engage from any platform (Web or via CRM).
  • Eloqua Profiler: Provides access to Eloqua Profiler. Users require the Eloqua Profiler License to access Profiler.
  • Eloqua Reporting: While the feature access this license provides is included in the Basic Platform User license, it is still important to have a license that only allows for reporting. For example, if you have an Executive who is only going to run Eloqua reports and you have the Basic Eloqua product, you might not want to waste one of your five Marketing platform user licenses just so one person can run reports. In this example, you could give the Executive just a Reporting license, which will give them access to reporting and get their job done without burning through licenses.
  • Eloqua Analyzer: Provides access to create reports in Eloqua Analyzer.
  • Eloqua Sales Tools for Microsoft Outlook: Provides access to the Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools for Microsoft Outlook add-in. This license must be used with the Eloqua Engage license to allow users to use the add-in.

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