Campaign parameters

Use the following campaign parameters to populate custom reports that include information on campaigns:

Campaign event

wt.mc_ev identifies the ad event type, such as click for an ad clickthrough event.

Other wt.mc_ev values include e-mail open, download, and view. You can also specify custom values.

Valid value Alphanumeric string
Syntax wt.mc_ev=campaign_event_type
Example wt.mc_ev=click

Campaign ID

wt.mc_id associates pages with a specific campaign.

Valid value Alphanumeric string
Syntax wt.mc_id=campaign_ID
Example wt.mc_id=10001

Important: Multiple IDs are not supported and no errors are logged.

If you were to specify multiple campaigns (not recommended), the campaign ID strings are processed as a single string and attribution processes will consider it to be a single campaign. For example, if you were to specify the following parameter value, only a single campaign ID would be stored.


This campaign would appear incorrectly in reports as Campaign01;Campaign02;Campaign03. All campaign attribution, such as revenue or engagement, is applied to the single string. If the same set of campaigns is specified in a different order, it is considered to be a new separate campaign.

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