Adding an Oracle Maxymiser site

Important: This topic applies only to account administrators.

You need to create an Oracle Maxymiser site and configure the administrative settings that describe how Oracle Maxymiser works with your site.

To create your Oracle Maxymiser site:

  1. Click Admin in the left navigation menu, then click Site Administration.

  2. Click Add Site and make sure you're on the Site Settings tab.

    Enter information for the site:

    • (Mandatory) Site name: Such as
    • (Mandatory) Status: Select Enabled or Disabled. Campaign data is collected only when the site is enabled.
    • Content Generator: The appropriate content generator is automatically selected for your site.
    • * Third party cookie size: Type a value, such as 1024. Remember to select Use third party cookies. If the cookie size is insufficient, seldom visited sites are removed and replaced with recently visited sites.
    • Mobile Preview Tool: Enable or disable Mobile Preview Tool.
    • Default link to site: Specify the default URL for the site, such as This URL is used as the starting page from which the Mobile Preview Tool is launched, and as the URL from which Visual Campaign Builder is launched.
    • * API Version: This value shows the API version that is used to create subsequent campaigns on your site. Contact Oracle Maxymiser for more information.
      • * Use first party cookies: Select this option to store data about visitors to the website being tested.
      • * Use third party cookies: Select this option to assign and store Oracle Maxymiser cookies sites where Oracle Maxymiser scripts reside.

        The choice between first and third party cookies depends on the browser; you can use either or even both at once. Some browsers do not allow the creation of large-sized cookies. With third party cookies, you can specify the cookie size.

      • * Disable IP storing: Select this option to stop the Content Generator from recording IP addresses.
      • * Notifications on publishers list change (optional): Select this option to enable automated email notification when a publisher is added to a site or removed from a site. You must specify an email list for notifications. Separate multiple email addresses with a semicolon, comma, or by typing the address on a new line. When this option is selected, an email is sent to the publishers, admins, and additional email addresses specified. This setting is available to the manager role only.
      • MaxEngage License: Enable or disable the ability to create personalized content using lightboxes.
      • Mobile app testing site: Select this option to allocate a site specifically as a Mobile App testing site. You cannot modify this selection once the page is saved. If you select this option, an automatic Content Seen action is implemented for every campaign that is used for Mobile App testing. This is a special action to track when a user of a mobile app actually sees the generated content. The action is only created if the Mobile App Testing site option is selected (when the site is created). The reports supported by Mobile App Testing now calculate conversion as Actions/ Confirmed Generations. The reports will behave this way by default only for Mobile App campaigns (this includes the Conversion, Revenue, and Engagement reports).
      • Mobile Campaign Builder: Select this option to allocate a site specifically as a iOS App testing site. This uses the new Campaign Builder tool.
      • Disable for REST API: Select this option to disable accessing and manipulating data for this site via the Oracle Maxymiser REST API. The REST API is an HTTP (language-agnostic) API that allows CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations to be performed on Campaign Configuration and Reporting outside of the browser.
    • * Monitoring sample rate: The value shows the percentage of total visitors to your site who are taken into account for analysis in Audience Insights. Contact Oracle Maxymiser to modify the sample rate.
    • Industry vertical: Select an industry vertical to help you find more relevant discovery segments to target visitors with (for example: Finance, Gaming, Media, Retail or Travel).
    • * Use Session Analytics: Indicates whether session analytics is available on the site. Contact Oracle Maxymiser to make session analytics available on your site.

    * Important: The indicated site settings require publishing before they take effect.

  3. Click Save.

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