Asynchronous Reporting API

Note: The Asynchronous API is generally available for all Responsys customers.

An asynchronous API for aggregated reporting data that enables you to pull campaign performance metrics for all the Responsys channels (Email, SMS, and Mobile Apps). This API is released under our Controlled Availability program. You can request access to this feature by submitting a request to My Oracle Support. Some of the benefits of leveraging this API include:

  • Build custom visuals to display Responsys data
  • Integrate Responsys data with other business applications
  • Automate complex reporting tasks to save time
  • Data matches with Responsys Reports (Interactive Dashboards)

Important considerations:

  • The date range filter cannot exceed a 30 day span. An error will be returned if the filter date range exceeds 30 days. Data can however be retrieved from up to 2 calendar years from the current date
  • Requests will timeout after 5 minutes
  • You can submit up to 5 requests per minute
  • Row output is limited to 10,000 rows


The following diagram illustrates the workflow for the Reporting API.

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