Supported Date Formats in Connect

Connect supports the following date formats for importing and exporting data. You must choose one format for uploads and one format for downloads per account.

  • Standard_Long_NoMillis ("yyyy-MM-dd HH24:mi:ss")
  • Standard_Long_NoSeconds ("yyyy-MM-dd HH24:mi")
  • Standard_Long_AM_NoSeconds ("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mi AM")
  • Standard_Long_AM_NoMillis ("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mi:ss AM")
  • Standard_Long_NoDelimiters ("yyyyMMdd HH24:mi:ss")
  • Excel_Full_Csv ("MM/dd/yyyy HH:mi:ss AM")
  • Standard_Long_Slash ("yyyy/MM/dd HH24:mi:ss")
  • Standard_Long_Slash_NoMillis ("yyyy/MM/dd HH24:mi:ss")
  • US_Long_Slash_AM_NoSeconds ("MM/dd/yyyy HH:miAM")
  • US_Long_Slash_NoMillis ("MM/dd/RRRR HH24:mi:ss")
  • US_Long_Slash_NoSeconds ("MM/dd/yyyy HH24:mi"")
  • US_Long_AM_NoMillis ("MM-dd-yyyy HH:mi:ss AM")
  • US_Long_AM_NoSeconds ("MM-dd-yyyy HH:miAM")
  • US_Long_NoSeconds ("MM-dd-yyyy HH24:mi")
  • Oracle_Format_AM_DateTime ("dd-MON-yyyy HH:mi:ss AM")
  • Oracle_RRRR_DateTime ("dd-MON-RRRR HH24:mi:ss")
  • Oracle_RRRR_AM_NoSeconds ("dd-MON-RRRR HH:mi AM")
  • Oracle_RR_DateTime ("dd-MON-RR HH24:mi:ss")
  • Oracle_RR_AM_NoSeconds ("dd-MON-RR HH:mi AM")
  • EU_Long_Slash_NoMillis ("DD/MM/yyyy HH24:mi:ss")

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