Push Campaign Designer - Show errors

Important: This information applies to the Push Campaign Designer, which is now generally available for all accounts. It replaces the Push Campaign Workbook.

To see how the Push Campaign Designer differs from the old mobile app campaign workbook, see Push Campaign Designer changes. For a breakdown of the Campaign Designer's visuals, see Push Campaign Designer visuals overview.

Before launching your campaign, fix the errors in the Campaign Designer.

To fix errors in the campaign:

  1. Click Show errors at the top of the Campaign Designer. If you do not see this button, then the campaign has no errors and you can validate it.

    The Validation errors dialog opens.

  2. Double click on an error to correct it.

    Tip: Make sure to save your changes, otherwise the errors will continue to show under Validation errors.

  3. Once all errors are corrected, validate your campaign.

To validate your campaign:

  1. After you have fixed all of the errors, click Validate at the top of the Campaign Designer.

    The Validate option will replace the Show errors option after all the errors are fixed.

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