Launching a Push campaign with the Campaign Designer

Important: This information applies to the Push Campaign Designer, which is now generally available for all accounts. It replaces the Push Campaign Workbook.

To see how the Push Campaign Designer differs from the old mobile app campaign workbook, see Push Campaign Designer changes. For a breakdown of the Campaign Designer's visuals, see Push Campaign Designer visuals overview.

The Campaign Designer has a simplified workflow and easy to follow interface. Use the Campaign Designer as part of your customer engagement strategy by reaching customers through communication personalized to them. Push campaigns let your mobile app send messages to a user's mobile device even when the user is not actively using the app. If your app includes a message center and Message Center is enabled for your account, you can send messages to the message center in addition to a push notification. To learn more, see Mobile App Overview.

With the Campaign Designer, create and launch a campaign in four steps:

  1. Create your campaign and define its targeting
  2. Create personalized messaging
  3. Test your campaign
  4. Multivariate Testing (MVT) for your campaign
  5. Launch your campaign

To navigate to the Campaign Designer :

  1. On the side navigation bar, click The Campaign icon Campaigns and select Manage Campaigns.

    The Manage campaigns page opens.

  2. Click Create Campaign, or open an existing campaign.

Step 1: Create a targeted campaign

  1. Create your push campaign
  2. Select your app and configure the About your campaign panel
  3. Configure the Targeting panel to ensure your campaign is targeted
  4. (Optional) Configure the Message center settings panel
  5. Configure the Additional settings panel

Step 2: Create personalized messaging

  1. Draft your message
  2. Personalize your message

Step 3: Test your campaign

  1. Errors and validation
  2. Preview

Step 4: Launch your campaign

  1. Launch
  2. Gain insight into your campaign

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