Push Campaign Designer - Targeting

Important: This information applies to the Push Campaign Designer, which is now generally available for all accounts. It replaces the Push Campaign Workbook.

To see how the Push Campaign Designer differs from the old mobile app campaign workbook, see Push Campaign Designer changes. For a breakdown of the Campaign Designer's visuals, see Push Campaign Designer visuals overview.

An important initial step when designing your campaign is choosing who will receive your campaign. A campaign is more effective when it is sent purposefully to a targeted audience. If your campaign's audience is too broad, and its message too general, recipients might not feel like you sent the message with them in mind.

Click An image of the Expand icon in the Targeting panel to configure which contacts your campaign will target. To discard any changes in the panel, click Cancel. To save your changes, click Save . There are three options for your audience:

  • Everyone in the selected audience

    Important: This selection is only available if you have Audience enabled for your account.

  • Everyone in the selected filter
  • Everyone in the Mobile app channel list

    Important: If this option is not present, your account is not enabled to send to all App Channel List members. If it is enabled, use this option with caution because selecting it means your target audience won't be narrowed for your campaign.

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