Push Campaign Designer - About your campaign

Important: This information applies to the Push Campaign Designer, which is now generally available for all accounts. It replaces the Push Campaign Workbook.

To see how the Push Campaign Designer differs from the old mobile app campaign workbook, see Push Campaign Designer changes. For a breakdown of the Campaign Designer's visuals, see Push Campaign Designer visuals overview.

Click An image of the Expand icon in the About your campaign panel to change the following general campaign characteristics:

Important: If you change a campaign’s name, folder, marketing program, marketing strategy, subject line, or external campaign ID, then historical and new launches for both triggered and standard launches will take these new values in Insight. It does not impact CED behavior as CED retains an unchanged ‘snapshot’ of values.

Tip: To discard any changes in the panel, click Cancel. To save your changes, click Save .

  • Description—any description or notes
  • Marketing Strategy and Marketing Program

    These values can be used for downstream reporting.

    The Marketing Strategy and Marketing Program values are defined by the Account Administrator in the Campaign Management section of the Account Management page.

  • Folder—the folder for the campaign
  • Select app—the app associated with the campaign.

    Warning: If you change the app or data source for a Push campaign, all messages defined for the campaign will be deleted.

  • Mobile app channel list—read-only display of the mobile app channel list associated with the app.
  • Brand—Identifies the brand associated with the push campaign message.

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