Push Campaign Designer - Analyze your campaign

Important: This information applies to the Push Campaign Designer, which is now generally available for all accounts. It replaces the Push Campaign Workbook.

To see how the Push Campaign Designer differs from the old mobile app campaign workbook, see Push Campaign Designer changes. For a breakdown of the Campaign Designer's visuals, see Push Campaign Designer visuals overview.

Use the View drop-down in the Campaign Designer to gain insights into your campaign. Choose from the following options:

Active schedules

To view the active schedule for the campaign, click View > Active schedules.

Launch status

To view the launch status of your campaign once it has launched, click View> Launch status.

Monitor campaign

To monitor all campaign launches or take action on a campaign launch, use the Campaign Monitor. Click View> Monitor campaign.


For active and closed campaigns, you can view the Campaign Analysis dashboard from the Campaign Designer. The Campaign Analysis dashboard helps you analyze key performance metrics of a selected campaign. Click View> Insights.

Campaign relationship

Click Campaign relationship to access the Object Relationship Navigator, which is an interactive feature that enables you to visualize how campaigns are related to different objects (Filters, Profile Lists, and so on) in your account. Learn more about the Object Relationship Navigator. Click View> Campaign relationship.

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