NetSuite Basics

Watch the videos in this section to learn how to set up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), change your NetSuite password, and opt in to and use Release Preview, as well as how to use other basic NetSuite features.

2FA Delivered Your Way for Administrators

2FA Delivered Your Way for Users

Benefits of Customer-Scheduled Maintenance

Enabling Employee Specific Expense Folders

How to Change Your NetSuite Password

Opt-In to Release Preview

Running Simultaneous NetSuite Sessions

System Notes: System Notes Overview – Video 1 of 4

System Notes: Removing Personal Information from System Notes – Video 2 of 4

System Notes: System Notes v2 Overview – Video 3 of 4

System Notes: Using the System Notes v2 Workbook – Video 4 of 4

Use Your Release Preview

Using Permissions in the File Cabinet

Working with Files in the File Cabinet

General Notices