General Notices

Sample Code

Oracle may provide sample code in SuiteAnswers, the Help Center, User Guides, or elsewhere through help links. All such sample code is provided "as is” and “as available”, for use only with an authorized NetSuite Service account, and is made available as a SuiteCloud Technology subject to the SuiteCloud Terms of Service at

Oracle may modify or remove sample code at any time without notice.

No Excessive Use of the Service

As the Service is a multi-tenant service offering on shared databases, Customer may not use the Service in excess of limits or thresholds that Oracle considers commercially reasonable for the Service. If Oracle reasonably concludes that a Customer’s use is excessive and/or will cause immediate or ongoing performance issues for one or more of Oracle’s other customers, Oracle may slow down or throttle Customer’s excess use until such time that Customer’s use stays within reasonable limits. If Customer’s particular usage pattern requires a higher limit or threshold, then the Customer should procure a subscription to the Service that accommodates a higher limit and/or threshold that more effectively aligns with the Customer’s actual usage pattern.

Beta Features

For legal notices related to beta features, see Beta Software Legal Notices.

General Notices