SuiteScript 1.0 Documentation

SuiteScript 1.0 is a previous version of SuiteScript, the coding functionality used to extend and customize NetSuite. While our support and service teams remain able to troubleshoot solutions previously written in SuiteScript 1.0, this version is no longer updated.

To assist with receiving relevant search results in the Help Center and SuiteAnswers, the SuiteScript 1.0 documentation and API reference is no longer available as individual Help topics. Instead, SuiteScript 1.0 documentation is offered in two user guides in PDF format:

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Choose SuiteScript 2.0 or SuiteScript 2.1 for the most up to date, fully supported functionality. For more information about transitioning from SuiteScript 1.0 to SuiteScript 2.0 and 2.1, see Transitioning from SuiteScript 1.0 to SuiteScript 2.x.

General Notices