Overwriting Tax Amount After Deductible Purchase Tax is Calculated

You can overwrite the tax amount on purchase transactions or journal entries even after deductible tax has been calculated. You should only do this if the Tax and Amount (Quantity x Unit Price) values on the bill generated by NetSuite are different from those on the bill received from your vendor. But if the tax and amount are the same as those on the bill, no adjustment is necessary.


Consider the following:

  • You can only overwrite the tax amount on the user interface, it is not yet possible using CSV import, SOAP, or SuiteScript.

  • The tax amount cannot be overwritten in expense reports yet.

To overwrite tax amount on a bill after purchase tax has been calculated:

  1. Ensure that the purchase tax rates on tax codes are set and are correct.

  2. Ensure that the tax codes with purchase tax rates are applied to relevant bills or purchase transactions.

  3. Overwrite the tax amount on the bill:

    1. Edit the bill with the tax amount that you want to overwrite.

    2. On the line item that you want to change, enter new values for Tax and Amount.

    3. Click OK.

      A message is displayed asking if you want to recalculate the deductible tax.

      • If you select OK, NetSuite will recalculate deductible tax using the new values.

      • If you select Cancel, NetSuite will overwrite the previous values but will not recalculate deductible tax.

      Gross Amount will be retained.

  4. Save the transaction or bill.

The values for Tax and Amount on the bill are adjusted with the correct values.

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