Change Email Address

This information refers to SuiteCommerce and the Kilimanjaro release of SuiteCommerce Advanced and later.

With Commerce and Site Builder web store extensions, users can change their registered email address in the My Account application on the Profile Information page:

  1. To change the email address in Commerce web stores, users can go to Home > My Account > Profile Information. The registered address can be updated under Email.

  2. To change the email address in Site Builder, users can go to the My Account tab, and then to Change Email under Settings.

After a user submits the change request, they receive emails to confirm the change. When the user clicks the confirmation link, a confirmation message is displayed within the login/checkout screen.

Note the following default behavior:


This feature is available by default in the Kilimanjaro release of SuiteCommerce Advanced. For instructions on backporting the feature to previous releases of SuiteCommerce Advanced, see Change Email Address Patch.

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