Customize Roles for OpenID Connect

You can customize a standard NetSuite role to use with OpenID Connect (OIDC) Single Sign-on permissions. You can also add these permissions to existing roles assigned to users that require this type of access.

To customize roles and add a permission:

  1. Go to Setup > Users/Roles > User Managment > Manage Roles.

  2. Choose a role and click Customize.

  3. Create a unique and identifiable name for the role. For example, you could replace the word Customize in the role name with the OIDC.

  4. Click the Permissions tab.

  5. On the Setup subtab, select the appropriate OIDC permission from the list, and click Add. There are two OIDC permissions:

    • Set Up OpenID Connect (OIDC) Single Sign-on

    • OpenID Connect (OIDC) Single Sign-on

    See OpenID Connect Permissions for more information.

  6. Click Save.

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