Prerequisites for Installing the Israel Localization SuiteApp

Before installing the Israel Localization SuiteApp, your account administrator must enable several features and preferences in your NetSuite account.

Required Licences

To install Israel Localization SuiteApp, you must obtain NetSuite SuiteApp License Client and have a OneWorld account installed.

Mandatory SuiteApps

Before installing the Israel Localization SuiteApp, you must first install the NetSuite SuiteApps License Client.

Required Features

To install Israel Localization SuiteApp, you must enable required features.

To enable required features:

  1. Go to Setup > Company > Setup Tasks > Enable Features.

  2. On the SuiteCloud subtab, make sure that the following features are enabled:

    • Custom Records - Required to create custom records such as report templates and precalculated balances.

    • Advanced PDF/HTML Templates - Required to render templates and to generate PDF files.

    • Client SuiteScript - Required to enable client-side scripts for financial statements.

    • Server SuiteScript - Required to deliver bundles.

    • SOAP Web Services

    For more information, see Enabling Features.

You must also enable the following features:

If you use multi-book, make sure that either the primary or secondary book in the Israeli Subsidiary setup has the functional currency set to ILS.

To set the functional currency to ILS:

  1. Go to Setup > Company > Subsidiaries, and click the Edit link next to the applicable subsidiary.

  2. Verify that the Country field displays Israel.

  3. Verify that the Currency field displays ILS. For more information, see Creating Currency Records.

    On the Accounting Books subtab, you can see any additional accounting books and their currencies.

General Notices