Invoice Statuses for Israeli Invoices

For Customers in Israel there is a number of regulations supported by the Localization SuiteApp.

Ensure that the IL Invoice form is used.

Do not delete invoices for the Israeli subsidiary, as audit will examine the invoice numbering. The Israeli Localization role created by the localization is set up to prevent the deletion of transactions. In order to cancel out a transaction, a credit memo should be applied.

The Israeli Invoice has three printing statuses:

Mass Document E-mail Capability

The Israel Localization SuiteApp includes the Mass Document E-mail Capability.

To send the invoices via e-mail:

  1. Go to Transactions > Bank > Israeli Print Checks. Invoices can also be printed from this page.

  2. Use filters to select the date parameters and whether you wish to print only original invoices or copies.

  3. Select the Send E-mail option and Sign Digitally.

  4. Select Print All Records to e-mail all invoices.

Israeli Receipts

Go to Transactions > Customers > Accept Customer Payments.

Use the Israeli Customer Payment Form.

The IL Custom Field includes the exchange rate and the option to override the exchange rate.

Saving the Payment gives the option to Print Original, which gives the option to print the original document with a digital signature.

General Notices