Creating Export Bill and Airway Bill (AWB)

Airway Bills are used to book and pay Export fees (airport/seaport), VAT, and customs fees.

Before processing an Airway Bill, ensure that a VAT code is defined for ILR - VAT on Purchase Export Type: Other Current Assets.

To enter Airway Bill:

  1. Go to Transactions > Payables > Enter Bills.

  2. Create an AWB as a standard vendor bill, adding the import registration number enter as the Invoice number.

If the complete payment was made to the customs broker who transferred the customs taxes to the shipper/carrier (for example DHL) who paid for VAT customs, you need to create the following:

To create customs broker’s bill:

  1. Enter the tax invoice without the customs related lines and recognize the VAT on Purchase.

To create Airway Bill:

  1. For the Vendor Name, use the name of the customs broker.

  2. For the Invoice Number add the AWB import registration number.

  3. For the Invoice Date add the AWB import date.

  4. Tax Code: ILR - VAT on Purchase Export.

  5. Tax Amount: Typing the VAT amount paid to the custom.

  6. Amount: In case of other expanses.

Payment is made to the Custom broker for both bills.

If there were no fees and the charge is only for customs, you only need to fill the first two lines of the bill.

To fill the customs broker’s bill with no fees:

  1. For the first line of the bill, do the following:

    • Expense: select the relevant expense account and enter the amount.

    • Tax Code: ILR - VAT on Purchase Export > type the VAT amount.

  2. For the second line of the bill, do the following:

    • Expense: select the same expense account as the first line and enter the inverse cost of the expense added.

    • Tax Code: VAT on Purchase Not to Report.

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