Object Description

A field group on serverWidget.Assistant objects and on serverWidget.Form objects. A field group is a collection of fields that can be displayed in a one or two column format. Assign a field to a field group to label, hide or collapse a group of fields.

For a complete list of this object’s properties, see FieldGroup Object Members.

Supported Script Types

SuiteScript 2.x Suitelet Script Type and SuiteScript 2.x User Event Script Type (beforeLoad(context))


N/ui/serverWidget Module




The following code sample shows the syntax for this member. It is not a functional example. For a complete script example, see N/ui/serverWidget Module Script Samples.

          //Add additional code 
var form = serverWidget.createForm({
    title : 'Simple Form'
var fieldgroup = form.addFieldGroup({
    id : 'fieldgroupid',
    label : 'Field Group'
var field = form.addField({
    id : 'custpage_textfield',
    type : serverWidget.FieldType.TEXT,
    label : 'Text',
    container : 'fieldgroupid'
//Add additional code 


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