The content in this help topic pertains to SuiteScript 2.0.

Object Description

Encapsulates a single search column in a search.Search. Use the methods and properties available to the Column object to get or set Column properties.

You create a search column object with search.createColumn(options) and add it to a search.Search object that you create with search.create(options) or load with search.load(options).

You can pass a Column object as a parameter to the Result.getValue(column) or Result.getText(column) methods.

In addition, search.ResultSet contains an array of Column objects returned in the results of a search.

For a complete list of this object’s methods and properties, see Column Object Members.

Supported Script Types

Client and server scripts

For more information, see SuiteScript 2.x Script Types.


N/search Module




The following code snippet shows the syntax for this member. It is not a functional example. For a complete script example, see N/search Module Script Samples.

          //Add additional code 
    type: search.Type.TRANSACTION,
    columns: [
             name: 'formulatext',
             formula: "{lastname}||', '||{firstname}"

        // When the search is executed, the corresponding column in the result will then contain a value in the form: Last Name, First Name
//Add additional code 


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