Requirements for Using an Application ID and User Credentials

If you want your request to authenticate by using user credentials, and you want to track the application by using a specific integration record, the following must be true:

Note that you can use either request-level credentials or the login operation. You can use any supported WSDL. NetSuite supports WSDLs for three years. For more details about WSDL support, see Support for Existing WSDL Versions.


As of the 2020.2 SOAP web services endpoint, authentication through request-level credentials is not supported. The Passport complex type is not supported. If you attempt to authenticate through request-level credentials in SOAP web services 2020.2 and later endpoints, the web services request is not processed, and an error message is returned. You must ensure that SOAP web services integrations created with 2020.2 and later SOAP web services endpoints use TBA. Authentication through user credentials continues to be supported in integrations that use SOAP web services 2020.1 and earlier endpoints. For more information, see Token-based Authentication and Web Services.

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