Object Description

Encapsulates data that may be sent to a third-party using an HTTPS call, such as a fragment of sensitive data.

An https.SecureString is returned by https.createSecureString(options), SecureString.appendString(options), SecureString.appendSecureString(options), and SecureString.replaceString(options). It can also be used as the options.credentials parameter in a call to https.request(options).

For a complete list of this object’s methods, see SecureString Object Members.

Supported Script Types

Server scripts

For more information, see SuiteScript 2.x Script Types.


N/https Module




The following code sample shows the syntax for this member. It is not a functional example. For a complete script example, see N/https Module Script Samples.

          // Add additional code 
function createSecureString() {
    var passwordGuid = '{284CFB2D225B1D76FB94D150207E49DF}';
    var secureToken = https.createSecureString({   // secureToken is an https.SecureString
        input: passwordGuid
    return secureToken;
// Add additional code 


For additional information about specifying user credentials, you may also want to visit the help topics: Token-based Authentication (TBA) and OAuth 2.0.

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