NetSuite SuiteApps License Client FAQ

What does the TTL mean on the License Client Dashboard?

TTL means Time to Live. It is expressed in days and indicates the validity of the license data stored in the License Client. For example, if TTL is 1, it means that the License Client requests license data from the License Server every day.

How do I know that the License Client has communicated with the License Server?

Go to Setup > License Client > Audit Trail. You should see three entries logged upon installation. Two entries are License Server Request types and one entry is the License Server Response type. The presence of the License Server Response Type entry is an indication that the License Client and License Server have communicated successfully.

How do I check the licenses that were retrieved from the License Server?

Go to Setup > License Client > License Dashboard. The page shows all the license data retrieved from the License Server.

My account was just given a new license but it is not reflected in the License Client. How can I retrieve the latest license data for my account?

Go to Setup > License Client > Manual License Request. This will trigger a request to the License Server to retrieve latest license data. Then, you can check the licenses retrieved by going to Setup > License Client > License Dashboard.

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