Auditing Account Preferences

The Enable Features, General Preferences, and Accounting Preferences configuration pages include a link to an Audit Trail page.

Account administrators can use the Audit Trail to review a list of changes, including the names of changed preferences and features, who changed them, when they were changed, what the values of the preference were before and after the changes, and whether the changed features were enabled or disabled.

To access the Audit Trail link:

  1. Go to the desired Setup page:

    • For Enable Features:

      access this page at Setup > Company > Enable Features.

    • For General Preferences:

      access this page at Setup > Company > General Preferences.

    • For Accounting Preferences:

      access this page at Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences.

  2. Click More and select Audit Trail from the dropdown list.

  3. If desired, filter the result list by selecting from the Feature, User, Preference, or Modified by dropdowns.


The General Preferences and Accounting Preferences pages support SuiteScript. If a preference has been reset through scripting, NetSuite administrators will be able to view all details regarding the change.


Although SuiteScript developers will be able to programmatically obtain values on the Enable Features page, SuiteScript cannot be used to set or change values.

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