How to Use the SOAP Web Services Records Help

The Records Guide must be used in conjunction with the SOAP Schema Browser. Each record listed in this guide includes a link to the SOAP Schema Browser. Within the SOAP Schema Browser you will find all available fields, sublists, and search filter fields for that record. The SOAP Schema Browser also provides field level help for each field that appears on the record.

Within this guide, the description of each record generally includes the following types of information:


For a list of all NetSuite records that are supported in SOAP web services, see SOAP Web Services Supported Records.

Working Online

If you are working online, using either the PDF or online help version of this guide, click the links to the SOAP Schema Browser that are provided within each record description. The SOAP Schema Browser will open in your default browser.

Downloading the SOAP Schema Browser

To download a .zip file of the SOAP Schema Browser, click the Download v2023.2 SOAP Schema Browser Zipped link. After you download the .zip and extract all files, go to the schema directory. To view the SOAP Schema Browser content, open index.html file in the browser of your choice.

Download v2023.2 SOAP Schema Browser Zipped


For information on using the SOAP Schema Browser, see SOAP Schema Browser.

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