SuiteCommerce VAT, GST, PST Tax Support


If you are a SuiteCommerce Advanced customer, you must be implementing the kilimanjaro release or later to take advantage of this feature.

SuiteCommerce supports the display of VAT, GST, and PST tax amounts for Canadian, UK, Australian, and New Zealand editions of NetSuite.

Before enabling display of VAT/GST/PST in your Commerce web store, you must have your NetSuite account set up with the proper tax types and tax codes. For detailed information about setting up taxes for your NetSuite account, see Taxation.


The display of VAT/GST/PST tax breakdowns is supported only in single Australian, New Zealand, UK, or Canadian editions or in One World editions with a single subsidiary configured.

To enable the display of VAT/GST/HST in your Commerce web store:

  1. Select the website and domain to configure at Commerce > Websites > Configuration.

  2. On the Shopping Catalog tab, enable the option If the Information is Available to your Country, shows detailed taxes in the cart.

  3. Verify that the proper tax codes are entered on the Accounting tab of the Item records.

  4. For Australian and New Zealand accounts, set the Prices Include Tax option on the Sales/Pricing tab of the Item record. Note the following behavior depending on the selection:

    • Prices Include Tax is enabled — This results in the display of the total cost including tax to display on the product page. On the checkout page, the breakdown of the item cost and tax are displayed separately.

    • Prices Include Tax is not enabled — This results in the display the cost without tax on the product display page. On the checkout page, the breakdown of the item cost and tax are displayed separately.

After the display of VAT/GST/HST is configured for your account, users are shown the breakdown of VAT/GST/PST tax amounts during checkout.


For Canadian accounts, a user must be logged in and have a default address selected. If not, a tax code error is returned.

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