Allow Safe Domains

You allow safe domains to approve access to specific content. For security reasons, external content can't be added to reports and reports can't be embedded in other applications unless it's safe to do so. Only administrators can allow safe domains.

Only authorized users may access the content. Except in cases where Single Sign On (SSO) is enabled, users are prompted to sign in when they access content on safe domains. After you have added a safe domain, users need to sign out and sign back in to access content from that source.

  1. Click My Profile, and select Administration from the menu.
  2. Click Manage Safe Domains.
  3. To allow users to embed their analyses in content located on other domains, enter the name of the safe domain as well as the port. Here are a few formats you can use for port names:
    •<port number>
    • *<port number>
    • https:
  4. To display embedded videos or images from external sources in a report, add the domain name to the allow list. For example:
  5. Select the types of resources you want to allow for a domain and block any resource types you think aren't safe. For example, to allow embedding, select Embedding.