About the Administration Page

The Administration page link is available under My Profile on the header.

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Manage Privileges

Oracle recommends that you keep the default privileges because they’re optimized for analytics. Editing privileges might result in unexpected behavior or access to features.

Manage Safe Domains

You can add and manage a list of approved domains to enable embedded external content. See Allow Safe Domains.

Export Data to CSV and Tab-Delimited Files as Text

Specifies whether to add leading apostrophes when data is exported to CSV or tab-delimited files. When enabled, the analyses results exported to a CSV or tab-delimited file are treated as text. When disabled, a user opening the exported files might invoke unwanted formulas.

Manage Sessions

See which users are signed in and troubleshoot report queries. See Monitor Users Who Are Signed In.

Manage Agent Sessions

Monitor current active agent sessions that are triggered by Oracle BI Scheduler. See Monitor Active Agent Sessions.

Manage Device Types

Add devices that can deliver content for your organization. See Manage the Types of Devices that Deliver Content

Toggle Maintenance Mode

Indicates whether Maintenance Mode is on or off. In Maintenance Mode, you make the catalog read-only so that other users can't modify its content. Users can still view objects in the catalog, but they can't update them.

Reload Files and Metadata

Use this link to reload XML message files, refresh metadata, and clear caches.

Reload Log Configuration

Oracle recommends that you keep the default log level. Oracle Support might suggest you change the log level to help troubleshoot an issue.

Issue SQL

Test and debug SQL queries. See Run Test SQL Queries.

Scan and Update Catalog Objects That Require Updates

Use this link to scan the catalog and update any objects that were saved with earlier versions.

Manage Themes

Change the default logo, colors, and heading styles for reporting pages, dashboards, and analyses. See Manage Themes.

Manage Captions (Export/Import)

Localize the names (captions) of reporting objects that users create. See Export Captions from the Catalog and Upload Localized Captions to the Catalog.

Manage Map Data

Define how users display their data on maps. See Manage Map Information For Analyses.

Manage Publisher

Set up data sources for pixel-perfect reports and delivery destinations. Configure the scheduler, font mappings, and many other runtime options.

Configure Crawl

Configure catalog crawls. See Configure Search Indexing.

Monitor Crawl

Monitor the status of crawl jobs. See Monitor Search Crawl Jobs.