About Backing Up and Restoring Content

You can use these tips to back up and restore content.

As noted in Oracle Cloud Hosting and Delivery Policies, Oracle periodically backs up your production data. Oracle typically doesn’t update, insert, delete, or restore your content on your behalf. However, on an exception basis and subject to written approval, Oracle can assist you with restoring content that you might lose as a result of your own actions. The process of Oracle restoring your content can take time.

Because you or another user might accidentally delete content, you need a strategy for restoring that content. To minimize accidental deletions, maintain appropriate security on all content that users create.

Use these tips to back up content:

  • Keep content in multiple environments.
  • Periodically back up your organization’s custom content using the archive process. See Create an Archive.

Use these tips to restore content:

These tips don’t apply to Disaster Recovery Services, in which a major disaster is declared. In those instances, see Oracle SaaS Public Cloud Services - Pillar Document.