Enabling Capital Features

Before users can start planning capital assets, you must enable Capital features. Enable only the features you want to use. Based on your selections, dimensions, drivers, forms, and accounts are populated. You can come back later and incrementally enable additional features; however you must enable all the dimensions you want to include in the application the first time you enable features. You must also specify Named Assets the first time you enable Capital features.


After you enable a feature, you can’t later disable it.


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Learn about enabling and configuring Capital.

video cloud png Configuring Capital in Oracle Enterprise Planning Cloud


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This 60-minute tutorial shows you how to configure and enable features in Capital.

tutorial icon Configuring Capital

  1. From the Home page, click Application Application icon, and then click Configure Configure icon.
  2. From the Configure list, select Capital, and then click Enable Features.
  3. Select the features you want to enable. Except as noted, you can come back later and enable additional features, so enable only the features you need to use now.

Table 8-1 Enabling Capital

Enable Description
New Capital Investment

Select new capital investments.

See Enabling New Capital Investment.

Manage Existing Assets

Select existing capital assets.

See Enabling Manage Existing Assets.

Map/Rename Dimensions
  • Enable up to three additional custom dimensions in your application.

  • Map custom dimensions to existing dimensions.

  • Rename base dimensions.

You must perform this step the first time you enable Capital.

If you are integrating Capital with Projects, add a custom dimension called Project, the default dimension name in Projects. If you name it anything else, make sure the dimension name is the same in all modules.

See Enabling Map/Rename Dimensions

The Capital artifacts are populated, including dimensions, forms, and accounts.