About Adding and Modifying Accounts and Drivers

Depending on the number of custom drivers members, account members, and other artifacts you need to add or modify, perform one of these tasks:

  • A small quantity—Add or edit them directly from the configuration page

  • A large quantity—Import them by:

    • Exporting the existing set.

    • Modifying the exported spreadsheet to add rows and data for the custom artifacts.

    • Importing the spreadsheet.

This export and import process speeds up the design and maintenance of the application. When requirements change, you can repeat this process as many times as needed. For example, you might see a predefined marketing driver that is similar to a driver for a new social media campaign you plan to run. You can easily export the drivers, make a copy of the marketing driver, modify it as needed for your social media campaign, and then re-import it.


Your Goal Watch This Video

Learn about importing custom accounts and drivers.

video cloud png Importing Custom Accounts and Drivers Into Financials for Oracle Enterprise Planning & Budgeting Cloud

See Adding and Managing Accounts and Drivers for more details.