Adding and Managing Accounts and Drivers

To add or modify accounts and drivers:

  1. Select the configuration task to set up accounts or drivers.

  2. Select a component or category from the list (if available).
  3. Perform a task:

    • To add an artifact, select Add from the Actions menu, and then enter details in the new row.

    • To modify a group of artifacts, or to add many new ones, export the set of predefined artifacts (select Export from the Actions menu), and then modify the export file in Microsoft Excel. You can edit predefined artifacts, make a copy of an artifact and modify it to create a new one, or add new artifacts. Then, import the modified file (select Import from the Actions menu). If available, use categories and subcategories to group functionally related artifacts.

    • To export or import all drivers, regardless of their category or grouping, use Batch Export or Batch Import.

    • To export or import only certain kinds of drivers, specify a Category or a Component, and then use Import or Export.


  • Specify unique member names and aliases for custom members so they don’t conflict with any provided members.

  • If you must delete a driver, check the formulas of the other account drivers in its group to see if they reference the driver that you want to remove. If they do, update their logic accordingly.


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