Adding KPIs

You add and edit KPIs in the same way you add or edit accounts and drivers.

To add or edit KPIs:

  1. Check that your KPI member aliases and names don’t conflict with those of the provided KPIs.
  2. From the Configure page, select <Subcomponent> Accounts, and then select KPIs from the Category list.
  3. Perform a task:
    • To add a small number of KPIs, select Add from the Actions menu and then enter details in the new row. Click Edit Formula formula icon to enter the formula for the metric.

    • To add a group of KPIs, export the set of predefined KPIs (select Export from the Actions menu), and then modify the export file in Excel. You can edit predefined KPIs, make a copy of a KPI and modify it to create a new one, or add new KPIs. Then, import the modified file (select Import from the Actions menu).

  4. Refresh the database.