Adding Custom Expense Driver Categories

In Financials, if you enabled driver-based planning, if you need additional expense driver categories other than the ones provided, you can add custom categories and drivers from the Configure page. Members are automatically added under the appropriate hierarchy and to the expense driver forms.

To add a custom Expense driver category:

  1. From the Financials Configure page, click Expense Accounts.
  2. From the Actions menu, select Add Category.
  3. Enter a category name, and then click OK.

    The CategoryName you entered is added to the Category List. The CategoryName and Total <CategoryName> are added to the Components list.

  4. To add drivers to the new category, select the category, and then select the component to add to: CategoryName or Total <CategoryName>.

    You must add drivers under a new category to ensure that the cube refreshes successfully. Adding drivers under a new category is required for a successful cube refresh.

  5. From the Actions menu, select Add, enter details for the new expense driver, and then click Save.

    You can also use Export and Import to add a large number of expense drivers for the new category.

  6. Refresh the database.