About Budget Revisions and Integrating with Budgetary Control

With budget revisions, planners can make revisions to an approved budget in EPM Planning Financials. When you integrate with the Budgetary Control module in Oracle ERP Cloud, you can view current consumption, check that proposed budget changes do not go below what has already been consumed, and update budget changes to impact funds available. After budget changes are reserved and approved, planners can review the budget revision details in Budgetary Control by drilling down on the current approved budget balances.

If you don't have Budgetary Control, you can still use budget revisions to create and populate budget revisions and share the revisions by extending the functionality to integrate with the other ERP solutions.

You use Data Integration to drive the integration of budget revisions between EPM Planning Financials and Budgetary Control. Data Integration provides solutions that enable EPM Planning Financials customers to map from the Budgetary Control data model to target dimensions. You can also configure and extend these integrations, for example, by applying other mappings as needed to meet your business requirements.

With this integration, the complete planning and revision cycle is integrated between EPM Planning Financials and Budgetary Control:

  • Build your original budget in EPM Planning Financials using the planning and forecasting process, and then push the original budget to Budgetary Control.

  • Create budget revisions and check funds in the adopted budget from within EPM Planning Financials to ensure that the budget revisions you are proposing meet the controls set in Budgetary Control.

  • Reserve funds in Budgetary Control from within EPM Planning Financials to update budget balance in Budgetary Control.

  • Drill through at the cell level from an approved budget in the Current Approved Budget form in EPM Planning Financials to Budgetary Control to review the budget revision transactions that make up the balance.

For more information about Budgetary Control see, Enterprise Performance Management Planning Financials in Using Financials for Public Sector.