Integration Considerations

Considerations for integration between EPM Planning Financials and Budgetary Control:

  • This feature is available to these Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud customers with the Planning Financials module enabled:

    • Legacy Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services customers and Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service Plus One (PBCS +1) customers with Financials enabled, when the Essbase version is upgraded to the version that supports Hybrid Essbase and Hybrid Essbase is enabled.

    • EPM Standard Cloud and EPM Enterprise Cloud customers with Module application type when Hybrid Essbase is enabled.

  • Budget Revisions is available in the Financials module of EPM Planning.

    If you have detailed data in other EPM Planning modules (Workforce, Projects, or Capital), you must pull this data into EPM Planning Financials before you can integrate the data with Budgetary Control.

  • The members must match between EPM Planning Financials and Budgetary Control (although you can address prefixes and suffixes in Data Integration). You can map dimensions between EPM Planning Financials and Budgetary Control in Data Integration.
  • You must use your own chart of accounts in EPM Planning Financials rather than using the provided chart of accounts. See About the Financials Chart of Accounts. This allows you to bring in the existing account structure from Budgetary Control so that the dimensions match.
  • Only monthly, quarterly, and yearly planning is supported. Both 12 month and 13 period calendars are supported. Weekly planning is not supported.
  • The Budgetary Control module in Oracle ERP Cloud must be enabled before you begin.

  • The currency in EPM Planning Financials must match the currency in Budgetary Control. Only single currency applications are supported.

  • In Budgetary Control, a new control budget with Source Budget Type of EPM Financials module (Not Hyperion Planning) is needed for this integration. The currency, calendar, and budget segments must align with the ledger. In a future release, you can change an existing control budget with a source budget type as Other or Hyperion Planning to EPM Financials module source budget type.
  • Create a budget scenario in EPM Planning Financials with the same name as the control budget in Budgetary Control to avoid errors in budget synchronization.
  • Load EPM Planning Financials budgets to the control budget with lowest level of detail account and calendar. Use summary control budgets to control at summary account and periods.