Enabling Financials Features

Before users can start planning, you must enable Financials features. Based on your selections, dimensions, drivers, forms, and accounts are created.


  • You must define all custom dimensions the first time you enable features. You can’t define these later.

  • While you can enable more features later, Oracle recommends that you enable only the features that planners currently require.

  • You can’t disable features later.

For information about how provided drivers calculate accounts, see About the Internal Aggregation Rules and About the Account and Plan Element Dimensions.

Table 5-1 Video

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Learn about enabling and configuring Financials.

video cloud png Configuring Financials in Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud

  1. From the Home page, click Application Application icon, and then click Configure Configure icon.
  2. From the Configure list, select Financials, and then click Enable Features.
  3. Select the features to enable.

Table 5-2 Enabling Financials Features

Enable Description
Revenue / Gross Margin

Enable revenue planning. Use your own accounts or select the provided Accounts and Drivers.

See Enabling Revenue and Gross Margin.


Enable expense planning. Use your own accounts or select the provided Accounts and Drivers.

See Enabling Expense.

Income Statement

Enable income statement planning. Use your own format or a predefined income statement format.

See Enabling Income Statement.

Balance Sheet

Enable balance sheet planning. Use your own accounts or select the provided Accounts and Drivers.

See Enabling Balance Sheet.

Cash Flow Statement

Enable cash flow planning and select a method. Use your own chart of accounts or select the provided Accounts.

See Enabling Cash Flow.

Rolling Forecast

Enables rolling forecast for revenue, expense, balance sheet, and cash flow (depending on what you've enabled) to allow continuous forecasting beyond a one year timeframe.

See Enabling Rolling Forecast.

Budget Revisions

Select to enable the ability to create budget revisions to an approved budget

Also enables integration with Budgetary Control. You can view current consumption, check that proposed budget changes do not go below what has already been consumed, and update budget changes to impact funds available. After budget changes are reserved and approved, the budget revision details can be viewed in Budgetary Control by drilling down on the current approved budget balances.

See Enabling Budget Revisions.

Weekly Planning

Enables planners to plan and forecast at the weekly level. You can enable weekly planning at any time.

See Enabling Weekly Planning.

Map/Rename Dimensions
  • Add up to five custom dimensions to your application.

  • For each custom dimension, specify to which features it applies—Revenue, Expense, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, or Budget Revisions. See Associating Custom Dimensions with Financials Features.

    If you are enabling Budget Revisions, you also have the option to make one of the dimensions the primary dimension for display, along with the Entity dimension, on the Manage Revisions form.

  • Map custom dimensions to existing dimensions.

  • Rename base dimensions.

You must perform this step the first time you enable Financials. You can’t do it later.

See Enabling Map/Rename Dimensions.

The Financials artifacts are populated, including dimensions, forms, and accounts.