About the Account and Plan Element Dimensions

The Account dimension is populated based on the features that you enable. If you enable accounts and drivers, a complete chart of accounts with account group members, driver members for calculations, KPIs, and forms are generated to support your type of planning. All provided members prefixed with OFS are locked. Although you can’t delete or modify provided members, you can add members for your business accounts, as well as define custom drivers and KPIs. If you choose to use your own chart of accounts, enabling features creates a simplified account structure with key members for you to add your own chart of accounts, along with associated forms.

The Plan Element dimension delineates the different types and sources of data used in the application. For example:

  • Total: Calculated—Aggregates the value of all driver-derived calculations.

  • Total Adjust—Enables planners to override and adjust account values that were calculated by trends or driver-based calculations.

  • Load—Contains actuals for imported accounts.

  • Cash Flow Impact—Contains cash derived from financing and investing details.

  • Cash Flow Calculated—Enables planners to define payment terms that specify when customers remit payment, such as 50% within 30 days, 40% in 60 days, and the remaining 10% in 90 days.

  • Direct Entry—Enter plans or forecasts.

  • Cash Flow Reporting—Members are only are seeded if Cash Flow Direct Method is enabled. Cash Flow Direct Input aligns to the definition for Cash Flow Impact. Cash Flow Calculated is the result of Cash Flow Direct planning in which planners define the payment terms used in cash calculations.