Customizing Help for Predefined Artifacts

You can customize the help that is provided for predefined artifacts (members, forms, dashboards) to make it applicable for your business needs. You can also change the language of the help that's displayed.

To edit descriptions for predefined content or change the language:

  1. Click Tools Tools icon and then click Artifact Labels Artifact Labels icon.
  2. Click Filter filter.
  3. From Artifact, select Member or Form.
  4. If you selected Member, select Account from the Dimension list.
  5. For Property, select Formula Description for member formulas or Description for form descriptions and click Apply.
  6. Select a language from the Add Language list.
  7. To customize the help, click Actions, then Export, modify the content as required, and then click Import to integrate the help in the application.
  8. To change the help language, click Add Language and select a language.
You can also add descriptions for other artifacts or instructions to planners. See Administering Planning .