Getting Descriptions of the Predefined Artifacts

After you’ve enabled features, you can review the descriptions for predefined artifacts (for example, members, forms, and dashboards) to help you understand how features and their associated artifacts work.

To see descriptions for predefined content:

  1. Click Tools settings, and then click Artifact Labels artifact labels icon.
  2. Click Filter filter.
  3. From Artifact, select Member or Form.
  4. If you selected Member, select Account from the Dimension list.
  5. For Property, select Formula Description for member formulas or Description for form descriptions and click Apply.
  6. Select a language from the Add Language list.

Artifacts for the features you’ve enabled are displayed, prefixed with one of the following:

  • OFS — Financials

  • OWP — Workforce

  • OPF — Projects

  • OCX — Capital


Scroll to the right until you can see the <Language> column.

For information about modifying the description, changing the language, or adding instructions for planners, see Customizing Help for Predefined Artifacts.