Integration Considerations

Considerations for integration between EPM Planning Projects and Project Management:

  • Supported only for EPM Planning Projects applications that have Hybrid Essbase enabled.

  • Supported for EPM Planning Projects applications that use a 12 month calendar only.

  • In EPM Planning Projects, only Indirect and Capital projects are supported.

  • Integration is with EPM Planning Projects cubes only; there is no support for custom cubes.

  • In EPM Planning Projects, the date format settings should be MM/DD/YY for integration to work correctly.
  • In Project Management, the Accounting Calendar of 12 periods which include monthly, 4-4-5, 5-4-4, and 4-5-4 is supported. The 4-4-4 Accounting Calendar is not supported.

  • In Project Management, Indirect, Capital, and non-sponsored projects are supported. Contract projects and Grants are not in scope, although they are supported in Project Management.

  • Planned expenses (budgets in Project Management) and actual costs are shared at the Resource Class level, for example, Labor, Equipment, Material, and Other Resources.

  • Only actual costs are interfaced, not committed costs.

  • Detailed budget can only be validated against the strategic budget by the total amount.

  • If your EPM Planning Projects application is a multi-currency application, make sure that all of the currencies are also included in the Financial Plan Type in Project Management. Amounts are transferred using the input currency from EPM Planning Projects.
  • Before integration, align the Entity hierarchy in EPM Planning Projects with the Project Owning Organization in Project Management.